System Leadership

How do you become an SLE?

We are currently recruiting SLEs in the following areas:

Primary - Science, Assessment, Computing, Closing the Gap.
Secondary - English, Maths, Science, Computer Science, SEND.

SLE application process

If you are interested in becoming an SLE:
• to read the Application guidance click here
  to download an application form click here
• Ask your Head Teacher to check that he/she is willing to support your work outside of school and pay for the compulsory Core Training (£200)

• Fill in the application form, contact your referees, request references and send back to the Teaching School.

If you are successful at this stage you will be invited to an assessment day which will consist of:
A presentation
• Formal interview questions
• There may also be a written exercise and/or a group exercise on this day

The final assessment stage is a Compulsory Core Training Day
• This is a standardised day for the Eastern Region
• A certificate designating you as an SLE will only be given on the successful completion of this day
• There will be pre-task activities that you will be asked to undertake by your SLE Coordinator before you attend this day
Please complete Section 1 of the application form.  Section 2 of the application must be completed by your Headteacher as referee and they must return the form to our administrator: Sheree Forbes

Supporting you with your application

Talk to any of your colleagues who have been involved in school to school work.  Discuss with them the nature and opportunities of this partnership working.  In addition take the opportunity to discuss your plans with your line manager within the broader picture of your career progression and professional development.  Please take a look at our School to School support section on the website.
If you have any further specific questions relating to becoming an SLE please contact the following:
Phil Burgess for secondary enquiries
Dan Buddle for primary enquiries