School to School Support

System Leadership

It is probably true that there are no unique challenges facing schools today. If one school is struggling with an issue, then you can be sure that others are struggling too. However, it’s also true that there are solutions being developed in classrooms, departments and meetings every day. Teaching School Alliances were set up, in part, to recognise this position and to provide a vehicle for sharing knowledge and building capacity. Following our successful recruitment, we have a strong team of SLEs which complements the expertise and outreach work of our existing  Local and National Leaders of Education.

All are keen to offer support  by working with other schools to:

We respond to requests from schools with a  tailored, negotiated, bespoke package of support that meets their identified needs.
In recent times we have supported schools in these areas:

It is important to us that all support is effective and so we ensure that all our work is carefully monitored and evaluated on an ongoing basis.