Meet our Secondary SLEs

Leadership of curriculum

Chris Tooley

SLE designated specialism: Leadership of Curriculum

Netherhall School


Portfolio of experience, skills, knowledge.

Principal at Netherhall School, Cambridge, I previously worked as Deputy Principal at Bottisham Village College from 2005.  I led the development of the curriculum and ICT infrastructure, our head of faculty team and writing the school timetable using NT6.  Before that I worked as an Advanced Skills Teacher in Science with special interest in the neuroscience of learning. 

A particular interest of mine is the use of ICT systems to monitor and respond to data on student progress.  This has led to the development of an in-house data system, ‘The Register,’ which is now being rolled out to other schools. 

I have also supported schools through analysis of their timetables and curriculum structures, making recommendations for developing practice.   I have also shared with practitioners in other schools, different models of self-evaluation and the development of a whole-school strategy plan.