Meet our Primary SLEs


Emma Andrews

SLE designated specialism: Primary Music

Burwell Village College


Portfolio of experience,  skills and knowledge.

I have worked as a primary teacher and music leader for many years. I now specialise in the teaching of music across three different schools. I currently teach class music across the entire primary phase, lead school choirs and music groups and teach piano. Music has always been a passion of mine and is both my work and my hobby. I believe I was very fortunate in being offered the opportunity to develop my musical skills from a young age and that every child deserves this opportunity. It is vital that this positive work begins in the Primary phase through enjoyable, well-delivered lessons.

I have encountered many children who have found pleasure and success in music, often when experiencing difficulties in other areas of the curriculum. For many, it has helped them find new friends, has given opportunities to celebrate success and boosted their confidence. For some it has eased the transition into new schools, helped find a positive outlet for expression and helped them to discover their 'can do' attitude.

Although music is a subject in which I feel confident, I fully understand that for many this it not the case and as a result it can be a subject that gets squeezed out of a busy curriculum. I believe that at a time when teachers have increasing pressures and demands on their time it is important to offer tried and tested practical support and ideas in order to achieve a direct impact on quality of teaching and teacher confidence.


"Huge thanks for your work. Your dedication to teaching music progressively and ensuring accurate skills are taught has helped our children already.” Head teacher

“Emma led a fantastic staff meeting at our school, full of musical inspiration and imagination and even those who were initially music phobic left with confidence and a range of practical ideas they were eager to try out with their class.” Head teacher

“Brilliant CPD, thank you” Y6 teacher