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In the Spring term I was once again invited to deliver a half-day music specialist training course for SCITT trainees. The group were very welcoming and, just like my classes, they covered a range of musical experience and confidence from the very unsure to a professional singer.

There was a lot to cover in the time as I wanted to ensure that everyone had something to take away with them for whichever age group they were teaching. I also wanted to make sure that they left with the confidence to adapt my ideas to cover different teaching points. I tried to do this by demonstrating an activity then explaining how they might be developed for upper age groups. We even managed to use the song 'If You're Happy and You Know It' and show how by exploring the chords it could be used from Reception up to year 6.

I was very fortunate as this was a repeat visit so much of my material was adapted from the previous year and on the whole I was really pleased with how it went. However, on reflection, I think that I think that the group may have appreciated some more time for practical work and discussion and this is something I hope to adapt in the future.

I had some really positive feedback and I hope that the trainees had fun experimenting with some of the ideas with their classes.

Emma Andrews
Primary SLE (Music)