22 Jan 2016

Returning Teachers

Bottisham Village College launches new package of support to help people to return to teaching

Qualified teachers who have had a break from the classroom are being offered free tailored support to enable them to return to teach the core subjects, like maths and physics, which can help children to reach their full potential.

Bottisham Village College is offering a package of bespoke support to qualified teachers wishing to return to teaching. The range of support on offer could include training to update their knowledge of classroom practice, or subject knowledge, to behaviour management and assessment frameworks - as well as other current education initiatives.

Teachers may take a break from the profession for many different reasons - to work in industry, to bring up children, or to take up other caring responsibilities. Those teachers who choose to return to the profession can bring with them new skills and experiences from their time away that can be invaluable to schools.

The latest figures published by the Department for Education show that the number and quality of teachers in England’s classrooms is at an all-time high and the number of former teachers coming back to the classroom has continued to rise year after year - from 14,720 in 2011 to 17,350 in 2014.

The pilot returners’ programme aims to encourage even more people to return to the classroom with the skills and experience necessary to ensure every child receives a good education. The initiative at Bottisham Village College is funded by the Department for Education and currently involves around 40 schools across the country. Our school is focused on attracting returners who can teach or retrain in English, mathematics, physics and modern languages.

Kate Evans, Executive Principal, said: “We are delighted to be taking a leading role in this new programme - we can help teachers get back to teaching the subjects they love. Inevitably after time away from a profession, even high quality teachers need to ensure they are up to date with classroom practice to ensure a good education for our children. We are committed to helping returning teachers gain up to date school experience and curriculum knowledge will support those who have a flair for teaching and add value to classrooms. We welcome the additional life skills and experiences that returning teachers can bring back into the profession from their time away from teaching.”

Eligibility Criteria

For the purposes of this pilot, Returners are those that:

§  Have qualified teacher status (QTS)

§  Have QTLS and have a membership with the Education and Training Foundation (ETF)

§  Aren’t currently holding a permanent or fixed-term teaching post in a state-maintained or independent School or College in England

§  Are not currently barred / banned from teaching and do not have a previous conviction (spent or unspent) that would prevent them from working with children

§  Teachers who wish to return to teach part- or full-time, on a permanent or temporary basis

§  Are qualified teachers that have previously worked in further education but are not currently working in the further education sector

§  Qualified teachers that have previously worked in, or currently work in, higher education

§  Teachers who have had a teaching post in the past (regardless of how long ago) and are now working outside of teaching.

§  Teachers that are not working at all (i.e. are parents / carers and / or are unemployed). However, this doesn’t include teachers returning from an official period of maternity or paternity leave as their leave will be part of their current employment contract.

§  Teachers who are currently supply teaching, but are not employed by, or have a contract with, a school.

§  Teachers who have previously taught, but not currently teaching, in the Primary sector

§  Teachers who aren’t currently teaching but have previously taught in the independent sector

§  Teachers who gained their QTS in England but are currently teaching outside of the UK or have taught overseas, and are planning to / have now returned to England to teach

§  Teachers from overseas, as long as they are qualified to teach in England (i.e. have QTS)

   Teachers that have been qualified for at least a year (excluding NQT’s) but have never taught

For further information please contact Anne O'Reilly Director of the teaching school