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In 2015 a group of Cambridgeshire cross-phase Head Teachers, working with the local authority, came together to offer solutions and recommendations on how to alleviate the recruitment challenges facing Cambridgeshire schools.

Our Mission Statement:
This is an inclusive group which is open to all schools in Cambridgeshire: academy, maintained or free school.  It operates as a  collective, facilitated by the LA Senior Adviser for Curriculum, Teaching and Leadership.
The group's aim is to stimulate and maintain the recruitment and retention of high quality teachers in Cambridgeshire schools.

Cambridgeshire Teaching School Alliances and Local Authority

Ever since the teaching schools initiative began in 2011, there has been a strong impetus for collaboration and school-led improvement. The Department for Education Whitepaper (March 2016), ‘Educational Excellence Everywhere’ highlights the pivotal role Teaching Schools play in growing a self-sustaining, self-improving, school-led system. There are currently 765 Teaching Schools and 596 Alliances in the UK and each has the responsibility to coordinate school based teacher training, provide or broker school to school support and provide professional development for teachers and leaders. Whilst collaboration within each alliance is assumed, there are established collaborative strategy groups, including the Cambridgeshire Schools Improvement Board, which demonstrate the will to go further and build strength between alliances and the Local Authority in Cambridgeshire. Collectively we can see the bigger picture and work strategically to bring about the best educational outcomes for the children of Cambridgeshire. A new leadership development and CPD strategy group came together in April 2016 to explore the possibility of building a clearer picture of the professional development offer in Cambridgeshire. This group crosses county boundaries, and includes representation from all Teaching School Alliances (TSAs) who work with Cambridgeshire schools and the Local Authority. The group has been discussing its ‘core purpose’. Two key elements of this include:

  • clearly identifying and communicating the leadership development and CPD offer from Cambridgeshire facing TSAs and the Local Authority to schools;
  • undertaking needs analysis of leadership development and CPD, helping to identify gaps in provision, location, workforce entitlement, and then considering how best these could be addressed.

The group agreed as its first task to create an overview document to provide a snapshot of the whole leadership development and CPD offer for schools in Cambridgeshire. This has proved a challenging task. The group aimed to consolidate the information currently available from a range of sources, not only to make it easier to spot the right course, but also to ensure that in the long term, collectively we are creating programmes which complement and respond to the strategic leadership development and CPD needs of the county.

The information has been collated into a single spreadsheet and can be accessed by clicking the logo below or visiting http://www.cambridgeshiretsas.org.uk 


Courses and testimonials

Case Studies

SLE Case Study

Research and CPD

At Bottisham Village College, we are making evidence-based lesson study our main focus for CPD

We are very excited about the potential for this form of CPD to develop teaching and learning across the college in the medium to long term. The over-arching aim of the process is to encourage teachers to innovate and take risks with colleagues in a supportive environment, enabling us to share more widely some of the outstanding practice that exists at Bottisham.

CPLD Programmes 2018-19

Returning Teachers

Bottisham Village College is able to offer a package of bespoke support to qualified teachers, in both primary and secondary schools, wishing to return to teaching. The range of support on offer could include training to update their knowledge of classroom practice, or subject knowledge, to behaviour management and assessment frameworks - as well as other current education initiatives.

We know that 1 in 4 trainees gains QTS but never enters service. Further, the latest figures published by the Department for Education show that the number and quality of teachers in England’s classrooms is at an all-time high and the number of former teachers coming back to the classroom has continued to rise year after year - from 14,720 in 2011 to 17,350 in 2014.

Our aim is to encourage even more people to return to the classroom with the skills and experience necessary to ensure every child receives a good education. Our partnership schools have capacity to work with returners who can teach or retrain in any subject area (secondary) or keystage (primary).

Kate Evans, CEO of Anglian Learning Trust, said: “We are delighted to be able to help teachers get back to teaching the subjects they love. Inevitably after time away from a profession, even high quality teachers need to ensure they are up to date with classroom practice to ensure a good education for our children. We are committed to helping returning teachers gain up to date school experience and curriculum knowledge, will support those who have a flair for teaching and add value to classrooms. We welcome the additional life skills and experiences that returning teachers can bring back into the profession from their time away from teaching.”


Please contact us, if you:

  •   Have qualified teacher status (QTS)
  •   Have QTLS and have a membership with the Education and Training Foundation (ETF)
  •   Aren’t currently holding a permanent or fixed-term teaching post in a state-maintained or independent School or College in England
  •   Are not currently barred / banned from teaching and do not have a previous conviction (spent or unspent) that would prevent them from working with children
  •   Wish to return to teach part- or full-time, on a permanent or temporary basis
  •   Are a qualified teacher that has previously worked in further education but are not currently working in the further education sector
  •   Are a qualified teacher that has previously worked in, or currently work in, higher education
  •   Have had a teaching post in the past (regardless of how long ago) and are now working outside of teaching.
  •   Are not working at all (i.e. are parents/carers and/or are unemployed). However, this doesn’t include teachers returning from an official period of maternity or paternity leave as their leave   will be part of their current employment contract.
  •   Are currently supply teaching, but are not employed by, or have a contract with, a school.
  •   Have previously taught, but not currently teaching, in the Primary sector
  •   Aren’t currently teaching but have previously taught in the independent sector
  •   Gained their QTS in England but are currently teaching outside of the UK or have taught overseas, and are planning to / have now returned to England to teach
  •   Are from overseas, as long as they are qualified to teach in England (i.e. have QTS)
  •   Have been qualified for at least a year (excluding NQT’s) but have never taught.

For further information please contact Phil Burgess/Dan Buddle, co-directors of the teaching school.

Primary Schools

Secondary Schools

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Rachael Johnston

SLE Designated specialism: SEN/Assessment

Bottisham Community Primary School



Currently Head Teacher and SENCo at Bottisham Community Primary School. With ten years of teaching experience across the primary age-range, the foundations for my own teaching practice stem from the ethos that children learn best in a safe and happy environment that seeks to inspire and challenge them in their learning and where their contributions are valued.

I have always maintained a strong focus for school improvement and have developed skills and knowledge in this area which have given me the opportunity to work to support others in developing their practice. I have been able to use the knowledge and skills I have developed in my own practice to effectively support the development of colleagues, both in my own school and in others.

I am particularly interested in methods to develop children’s engagement in their own learning through moving away from the use of ability groupings and the traditional view of differentiation, as well as the use of assessment for learning and effective feedback. I am also able to provide support with Special Educational Needs provision, whether at a whole school or individual level.


School Direct (non-salaried) Primary General - QTS

Places now available from 10 October 2017.

School Direct (salaried) Secondary - QTS

School Direct (non salaried) Secondary - QTS



Art and Design



Other system leaders


Nicholas Smith, Headteacher at Burwell Village College Primary School



Kate Evans


Leadership of curriculum

Chris Tooley

SLE designated specialism: Leadership of Curriculum

Netherhall School



Portfolio of experience, skills, knowledge.

Principal at Netherhall School, Cambridge, I previously worked as Deputy Principal at Bottisham Village College from 2005.  I led the development of the curriculum and ICT infrastructure, our head of faculty team and writing the school timetable using NT6.  Before that I worked as an Advanced Skills Teacher in Science with special interest in the neuroscience of learning. 

A particular interest of mine is the use of ICT systems to monitor and respond to data on student progress.  This has led to the development of an in-house data system, ‘The Register,’ which is now being rolled out to other schools. 

I have also supported schools through analysis of their timetables and curriculum structures, making recommendations for developing practice.   I have also shared with practitioners in other schools, different models of self-evaluation and the development of a whole-school strategy plan.






Matthew Daybell

SLE designated specialism:  Physical Education

Soham Village College



Portfolio of experience, skills, knowledge.

I have worked as Director of Sport at Soham Village College since 2007, leading the development of a large and varied PE faculty. Before this I took on various whole school projects and research roles helping to set up a successful House system.
A particular interest of mine is looking for new and engaging activities to offer the students on the curriculum. I have ensured that courses and activities are appropriate to the students’ ability which is fundamental to their attainment. By changing exam boards and adapting topic areas there has been a significant improvement in our GCSE grades.
The sports partnerships have created many links with both secondary and primary schools. We have offered INSET opportunities, teaching support and increased the amount of opportunities offered to students within our partnership. I have also supported other schools with a teacher exchange programme, sharing of assessment practices and other areas of good practice.


Leadership of CPD

Meet our Primary SLEs

Initial Teacher Training & NQT Development

Meet our Secondary SLEs

Find out more about our Secondary SLEs and their areas of expertise by following the links below:

Matthew Daybell - Specialism: PE

Matt Merry - Specialism: CPLD and Science

Katherine Woodard - Specialism Art 

Anna Harvey - Specialism Art and Design

Philip Church - Specialism in Data and English 

Antonia Ogilvie - Specialism in Maths

Tina Lawton - Specialism in English

Stuart Hodgson - Specialism: behaviour for learning

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Networking Events and Courses

Our courses and CPD opportunities aim to develop skills and knowledge in key areas of professional practice. Led and delivered by experienced practitioners, they are intended to provide useful experiences with practical benefits and the opportunity to reflect and evaluate your learning.

Our planning is led and informed by local and national initiatives, changes and priorities. We welcome any  suggestions for future courses and CPD opportunities that support and respond to your personal goals and which relate to your school’s CPD priorities.

Closing the gap: Test and Learn

NCTL in partnership with CfBT Education trust, Curee and the University of Oxford.

Kazakhstan Research Project

Bottisham Village College is a participating school in this international project, working in partnership with the University of Cambridge and contributing to the process of educational reform in Kazakhstan. At the heart of this collaboration are ongoing reciprocal internships and visits, with the following aims:

  • share professional knowledge and practical expertise with the Cambridge-school colleagues
  • learn about leadership and improvement strategies
  • exchange ideas about building and sustaining successful networks of schools
  • facilitate the collaborative development of excellent teaching and learning strategies and curriculum materials
  • further develop an ethos of reflective practice, with an emphasis on peer feedback , analysis of student learning, students’ outcomes and curriculum analysis.

We look forward to our next phase of collaboration, with Bottisham colleagues spending a week in Kazakhstan in November and then welcoming our Kazakhstan colleagues here for a two-week internship.

SUPER Partnership

Who we are

We have two designated teaching schools, Bottisham Village College and  Swaffham Bulbeck C of E Primary School 

We welcome the collaboration of all schools that share our inclusive ethos, our shared aims and our core purpose.

We are committed to growing our own talent and developing opportunities that respond to identified local needs and serve to improve the life chances of every learner in our alliance.

Our shared aims:

  • ITT: to provide a personalised programme, delivered by excellent classroom practitioners, developing successful, highly motivated teachers for the future
  • CPD and leadership: to share best practice and provide bespoke high-quality CPD and leadership development that inspires, challenges and motivates
  • Research and Development: to develop a reflective approach to the improvement of teaching and learning, with robust, practical, outcomes
  • School to school support: to build capacity, through a cross-phase collaboration of learning communities.

Swaffham Bulbeck C of E Primary School

The first thing that visitors comment on when they come into the school is the warm, friendly, caring, ‘family’ ethos which permeates school life in Swaffham Bulbeck.

The school constantly strives to improve with the support of the children, parents, staff and governors. In January 2007 we were recognised by Ofsted as an ‘outstanding school that serves its community very well’. In June 2010 we were again recognised by Ofsted as providing ‘all its pupils with an outstanding level of education.’ We believe children learn best when they feel safe, secure and happy and are stimulated by a fun, creative curriculum. We have a true team approach with a very talented staff. The children are at the heart of everything we do as we support them to become active independent learners.

We are therefore delighted to be part of an exciting new chapter in education in our area. Gaining Teaching School designation offers many opportunities for children and the workforce. As a National Support School we have for a number of years been providing assistance to schools and we are looking forward to extending this work.

We are a school that always looks for creative solutions. We truly believe that learning with and from each other in true partnership is the best way forward.

visit our website here

Bottisham Village College

Cookies and Privacy Policy

The Anglian Gateway Teaching School Alliance is committed to protecting the privacy of the users of its website. We will keep your data private and will only use it for the purposes set out below.

If you contact us via a form on our website your personal information will only be used for us to contact you. No personal data you send us will be disclosed to a third party without your permission.

If you wish us to remove any personal details we hold about you, please email us at admin@angliangatewaytsa.org.

Suffolk County Council

Suffolk LA is committed to working in partnership with the Anglian Gateway Teaching School Alliance. Together, the expertise and experience that both Suffolk and Cambridgeshire schools have in offering and delivering all aspects of the Big Six will grow high quality leaders for all our schools across East Anglia. Suffolk can offer links and partnerships with a wide variety of schools and settings from the very small rural primary to the large urban secondary. We are looking forward to this emerging and exciting partnership.

Carol HItchman, Professional Development Adviser of the Learning & Improvement Service, is the lead link with the Anglian Gateway.
Contact details: carol.hitchman@suffolk.gov.uk

Cambridgeshire County Council

Cambridgeshire County Council is proud to be a  partner of the Anglian Gateway Teaching School Alliance. We are committed to working in partnership with Teaching School Alliances and not competing with them. We are committed to sharing relevant information and data, and to promoting the use of Teaching School Alliances, NLEs, LLEs and Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) within the county. We will broker and commission support for schools from Teaching School Alliances, and signpost/direct schools seeking support towards TSAs. We will continue to support TSAs operating within Cambridgeshire to develop complementary and consistent ways of working and we will ensure that the LA has clear protocols for working with TSAs.
Helen Manley, Senior Leader: Curriculum, Teaching and Leadership, is the LA's lead link with the Anglian Gateway and the other TSAs but Rosemarie Sadler, Head of the Schools Intervention Service, will also be a key contact.

University of Cambridge Faculty of Education

The University of Cambridge Faculty of Education has a longstanding, successful initial teacher training (ITT) partnership with both primary and secondary schools in the Anglian Gateway Teaching School Alliance. We are committed to continuing and building upon this partnership, in which both parties have joint responsibility and distinctive roles for training new entrants to the profession.

We are an outstanding ITT provider, offering teacher education courses which combine academic excellence with top-quality professional training. The Faculty and its students benefit from being part of a world-class university where research with school partners constantly enhances the quality of taught courses and where students and teachers alike can work at the cutting edge of international knowledge in a wide range of subjects.

Anglian Gateway ITT trainees who are following either a PGCE or a School Direct (training) route undertake the Faculty PGCE course. The PGCE is a stimulating and challenging course, designed to prepare trainees to become outstanding classroom teachers and equip them for leadership roles in the future. The Faculty is responsible, in partnership with schools, for quality assurance of all its ITT programmes. The Faculty is also committed to providing teachers with continuing professional development and opportunities for research and development through its full range of courses and higher degrees which enhance teachers’ skills, knowledge and understanding, both of pedagogy and research.
For contact details, see our website: http://www.educ.cam.ac.uk



Our courses and CPD opportunities aim to develop skills and knowledge in key areas of professional practice. Led and delivered by experienced practitioners, they are intended to provide useful experiences with practical benefits and the opportunity to reflect and evaluate your learning.

Our planning is led and informed by local and national initiatives, changes and priorities.

We welcome any suggestions for future courses and CPD opportunities that support and respond to your personal goals and which relate to your school’s CPD priorities.

Contact Us

For any enquiries please e-mail admin@angliangatewaytsa.org

or phone 01223 811250 ext 239

Research and Development

System Leadership

School to School Support

Networking Events

We are all working together to meet the challenges and enjoy the successes of our classroom practice. With a background of change and constantly striving for improvement, it can be invaluable to share our  experiences of teaching and learning in our particular area of expertise, to talk about our work and make connections with other practitioners.  We aim to provide opportunities to bring together advice, insight and best practice from colleagues across our alliance and beyond.

Our programme of  networking events will be driven by you, your interests, your challenges and your experiences.

Let us have any ideas or suggestions for future networking events that cover what matter most to you and your team.


We have strong professional relationships across the alliance, based on mutual trust and respect. Ours is an aspirational vision for the outcomes of all our children and young people, underpinned by shared responsibility and ownership. Our CPD and leadership development programmes are delivered by outstanding practitioners across our alliance.
Our priority is to identify alliance-wide requirements, whilst at the same time being responsive to the needs of individual schools. We intend to celebrate best practice in a largely rural part of the country that does not currently have a national profile.  We aim to ensure similar level of CPD entitlement to all wider staff across the alliance - teaching assistants, governors, all support staff and technical teams.
We aim to provide an on-going programme of opportunities with minimum disruption to classroom delivery, informed by identified priorities and building on existing practice, to include:

  • twilight courses
  • day conferences
  • a variety of leadership development programmes, matched to career/experience profile of staff and offering blended learning, on-line and face-to-face.
  • leadership development placements, both within and between schools e.g targeted internships, job-swaps, work experience

Working with the Faculty of Education, we aim to increase the number of teachers studying for Masters degrees and to support and deliver a range of accredited NCTL programmes.


Please see link below to the CPLD page of the Teach in Cambridgeshire website.


Our ITT Provider

We are proud, established partners of:

 The Cambridge Teaching Schools Network (CTSN) .  

School Direct


Our Partners

The Anglian Gateway Teaching School Alliance benefits from the expertise and extensive track record of its highly regarded  partners.

Please use the links below to find out more about our  partners.

About Us

The Anglian Gateway Teaching School Alliance is a truly cross-phase, collaborative alliance, centred in the Bottisham, Burwell and Soham locality and working North/North East into Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. Our catchment is largely rural, reflecting different socio-economic contexts and areas of significant rural deprivation.

Established in April 2013, the Anglian Gateway Teaching School Alliance is a growing network of schools from a widespread area, representing every phase of our education system, from early years to year 13.



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