23 Jul 2018

Changes at Anglian Gateway

Now that key decisions have been made, we are in a position to be able to tell you more.

Anglian Gateway has been a huge part of our professional lives since 2012 and features as a significant highlight in our joint careers. It has grown to become a family of over thirty schools across Cambridgeshire, with a strong identity and purpose, supporting and leading school improvement, professional development and training.  It is for both of us the right time to hand over the leadership of the Anglian Gateway TSA to our successors, signalling the end of one era and heralding the next.


Anglian Gateway’s lead schools remain Bottisham Village College and Swaffham Bulbeck Primary School and from September, the cross-phase leadership of our alliance will be shared by Dan Buddle, headteacher of Swaffham Bulbeck and Phil Burgess, professional tutor at Bottisham.


Collaboration, strong networks and relationships are at the heart of what we do and will drive the future work of the alliance. You can look forward to the next exciting phase in the development of Anglian Gateway as one of five Cambridgeshire TSAs to make up The Nucleus network.  Working in partnership with CASSA, Fenland, Lark and Morris teaching school alliances will strengthen capacity for you all to develop, to continue to grow local talent and have an impact on the life chances of children and young people across the region.


We thank you for your commitment to the intention and aims of Anglian Gateway, for being part of our family and for all your contributions to our successes since we started on the teaching school journey in 2012. Anglian Gateway is a firm feature of the local educational landscape; your dedication and energy will shape its future with The Nucleus and with Dan and Phil’s leadership.

We wish you all well for the future.  

With best wishes,

Anne and Donna.