‘I am so glad I have opted for a SD QTS course; Our professional studies courses have been delivered by a range of highly accomplished teachers; it is so reassuring to know that after they have taught us, our tutors are straight back into schools and work on the 'front line' so to speak. Additionally, I have found that my relationship with my in-school mentor has been a valuable support tool.’

‘My mentor is such an approachable individual with a palpable passion for his subject, as well as a record of truly excellent teaching practice has meant that I have constant access to high quality support and advice, with practical teaching activities as well as discussions that grapple with academic theory and subject specific debates’

‘ The programme’s weekly training days enabled a great deal of reflection regarding my practice which has been a key ingredient to enhancing my teaching skills.’

‘ I particularly enjoyed the school-based part of the training and benefitted from the excellent support and feedback from teachers in both my placement schools.’

‘My training year was a challenging one, yet I feel this helped me prepare for the reality of teaching. I received excellent personalised training which has provided a solid foundation to this career change.’

"There can be no better learning than being taught by practising, outstanding teachers in the school environment. By having access to such a high level of teaching, I have been given the confidence and essential skills to build upon in order to teach effectively". 

"It would be naïve to think that your training year as a teacher will be easy! It is a rollercoaster ride that has many ups and downs. One of the great things about this course is that it reminds you why you wanted to be a teacher in the first place! You are surrounded by a network of fellow teachers and trainees who support you along the way. Tutors, mentors and course leaders are passionate about their practice and work together to provide high-quality training. No other route into teaching offers so much ‘hands-on’ experience where you are in the classroom, learning every step of the way." 

"The Anglian Gateway SCITT programme was a great way to train to become a teacher. It provided lots of valuable classroom experience which stood me in good stead for my NQT year and my mentors guided my progress with positive feedback and many insightful tips which improved my practise. I enjoyed the hands-on nature of the course and found the tutors extremely helpful."