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School Direct STEM salaried - Secondary part-time

We will be offering a new flexible salaried route for:

Mathematics UCAS code 2QQT
Physics UCAS code 2PDY

If you are planning to train as a secondary school teacher and are interested in taking up a flexible route programme in another subject, it may be possible to do this. Get in touch with us to find out more. We are currently training our second cohort of flexible route trainees, following a successful pilot initiative.

The programme for this flexible salaried route will lead to QTS qualification with the Cambridge Teaching School Network Training Partnership (CTSN) SCITT, over two years.  It is aimed at high quality candidates who are career changers and who favour a part-time teacher training programme that is flexible enough to meet their personalised needs.

The rigorous recruitment selection and induction process ensures that trainees are well-matched to placement schools and that they make early progress.  You will be employed by a CTSN partnership school for two years. The third term of year 1 is spent in a contrasting school. 

Take a look at the related flyer for more information.

Testimonial from Beth, year 2 flexible route physics trainee:

'I have a keen interest in science and enjoy discovering how things work, furthering my understanding in medical sciences and sharing my knowledge with others. My career as a post-doctoral research scientist was very biophysical which grew my interest in Physics. I had the opportunity to teach science to undergraduates and to new recruits joining the research lab, which I found a highly enjoyable and rewarding experience. I decided to pursue this avenue of teaching and train to be a science teacher. As a mother of young children, I find training part-time gives me the opportunity to progress my career whilst also being able to fulfil my responsibilities as a parent and have time to spend with my children. The training is very flexible. I am able to take on extra lessons at my own pace, within in a set time-frame, and increase responsibilty as my teaching skills progress. I receive written feedback from the lessons I teach and have regular meetings with my mentor to help guide me through the course and develop my skills as a teacher.'

Training through CTSN will provide access to:


Entry requirements



There are no fees for this course.  You will be employed by a partnership school on the first run of the unqualified teachers pay spine for two years on a part time basis.  Payment will be spread evenly over the two years  


How to apply

Applications for teacher training are made via UCAS.  Our reference code is 1JD.

Applications are made on the UCAS website. You will be able to search courses from 10 October 2017 and apply from 18 October 2017.  You can select 3 choices at the same time under Apply 1 for any route into teaching. Once your application is submitted training providers have 40 working days to make a decision and inform you. If interested providers will call you for interview so be prepared to have 3 full days of interviews in this 40 day period. You then have 10 days to make a decision whether to accept one of the offers or not.

If you do not get a place in Apply 1 or you declined your offers, you can then apply in the Apply 2 round which starts in November 2017. In Apply 2 you can make an unlimited number of choices, but only one at a time.

 If you have any queries relating to School Direct please contact the co- director of the Teaching School Alliance Phil Burgess,