Who we are

Bottisham Village College

Our designation as a teaching school opens a new and exciting chapter in the life of an ambitious and aspirational College.  It offers us the opportunity to build on our successes and to develop existing and new partnerships with schools and organisations that share our collaborative approach and commitment to improving the life chances of the children and young people in this area of the country. We are  a fully comprehensive school with a resourceful, creative staff whose collective expertise, skills and talents contribute directly to outstanding results and outcomes for our students, in many fields. We are very proud of our track record in the recruitment and retention of outstanding teachers and wider staff, underpinned by our commitment to growing our own talent and developing our model of distributed leadership.

Our core work is with the students in our own establishment and it defines clearly our belief that developing potential, self-confidence and resilience are key to a successful and happy school. We have very high expectations of all our students, both academically and in a more holistic way.  We are committed to a broad programme of educational development for all of our students that reaches well beyond simply qualifications. To this end, we continue to develop a set of aspirations which will equip our young people for life in the modern world: ‘The Bottisham Student’.  Our priority is to work with our students to build their creativity, reflection, self-management and teamwork.

As a designated teaching school,  the experience of key outstanding practitioners will shape and deliver high quality training  and professional development to teachers in our region. Our deep, established partnerships with our feeder primary schools ensure a consistent, truly collaborative approach. We understand our local context and we work together positively to meet the needs of our growing learning community.

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