School to School Support

Local Leaders of Education

Local Leader of Education Programme (Pilot)

Background to the Teaching School Network of Alliances

Our bid for the LLE pilot was submitted by four teaching school alliances, working collaboratively across Cambridgeshire, and into Suffolk and Peterborough.  CATSA (Comberton Village College), CATTSA (Swavesey Village College, Histon and Impington Junior School and Parkside Federation), CASSA (Linton Village College and Castle Manor) and Anglian Gateway (Bottisham Village College, Ditton Lodge Primary and Swaffham Bulbeck Primary) all agreed to submit the bid jointly.

All four teaching school alliances are currently working collaboratively as members of a single steering group focusing on school to school support and SLE deployments. The group also offers the LA, HMI and Dioceses a single opportunity to engage effectively with all teaching school alliances in the county. It is the intention of the steering group to build on the successes with SLEs through the LLE pilot process.

Vision for the LLE Pilot Programme

The local leaders of education engaged in the pilot will become part of a developing system leader network. Our vision is that all of the existing LLEs across Cambridgeshire will work with Teaching School Alliances (TSA) and that we will use the experience of existing LLEs and TSAs to develop and designate new LLEs, working as a system leadership network and in partnership with the local authority and HMI.

The LLE delivery model will not stand in isolation but be part of a continuum of provision and an integral part of the System Leadership Partnership across the sub-region, with schools accessing and contributing to support at SLE, LLE, NLE and NLG level, and individual leaders being identified and developed through each stage.

The delivery of the LLE programme will build on the structures and successes of the SLE programme. All Teaching School Alliances have been working proactively with LAs and HMI ensuring 100% deployment of over 100 SLEs: with significant evidence of impact across all phases and a wide geographical area.

A System Leadership Partnership involving representatives from LAs, TSAs, HMI, Diocese and other key stakeholders will develop from currrent TSA School to School Support steering groups which at present oversee SLE recruitment, designation, brokerage and deployment, but would evolve to oversee the LLE delivery programme as well.

LLEs will work in clusters with a designated NLE to support their deployment as system leaders, share practice, quality assure provision and evaluate impact in line with agreed framework and set of competencies.