Research and Development

Fen Edge 4

A partnership between Swaffham Bulbeck, Swaffham Prior, Bottisham and Burwell Primary Schools

Following on from David Hargreaves paper ‘Leading a Self-Improving School System’ we have decided to develop the partnership believing that joint practice development is key to improvements across the schools rather than developing ad-hoc improvements in each individual school. We acknowledge that one school can not provide the answer alone.

By challenging traditional or established models within each school the partnership will develop new and flexible ways of working which will allow the pupils transferring to Bottisham Village College to have experienced a consistent approach to marking & feedback.

We will be supporting groups of staff to work in year group or key stages with a clear focus on improving & developing Effective Feedback. This can then be shared more widely and from which improved learning and practice will be established.

The collaborative networks will promote reflective thinking in practitioners from all schools and phases leading to change in practice. To facilitate this there will be opportunities for staff to meet and

There will also be professional development across the partnership, both in-house and from external providers to help us reflect upon effective feedback.

Mentoring and Coaching
The project will establish a model of mentoring and coaching through peer evaluation.

An opportunity to develop the quality of leadership by:


Sustainable Partnerships
We aim to create a self sustaining model of school improvement through:


System Leadership
It will also provide an ideal opportunity to build the management capacity of staff at all levels. By collaborating with colleagues across the partnership there will be an opportunity for leadership development through:

Overview of Writing Project for Fen Edge 4:  Focus on boys' writing - Spring and Summer term 2015 - look out for the written summary of the outcomes of the project on the website in July